Meet The Team


I'm the Founder!!!

Sandeep Johnson

Aambal was an initiative taken by Sandeep Johnson, a devoted and proud Kochiite who chants the mantra, "kochi is not a city, it is a feeling". This true Yamaha fan who fixed his roots in Kochi after his stints in Australia and parts of India did not have to think twice about setting up a business in God's Own Country.Running a successful service apartment in Fort Kochi named Fort Beach Service Apartments, the idea to open Aambal began with the demand and constant query from tourists for good quality organic cotton clothes. Apart from that, the need to make an awareness on sustainable fashion and organic cotton clothing along with the will to support and upbring the local weaving societies and small scale co-operatives and most importantly promote the use of handwoven,recycled,pure, organic, handcrafted and ecofriendly products by the locals as well as the visiting tourists.

I'm the Co-founder!!!

Ann Maria Sandeep

Aambal also has a female counterpart who supports Sandeep all the way through in terms of marketing, research, social media, advertising, communication, relation building, accounts handling, promotion and the like, his wife, Ann who settled in Kerala all the way from Dubai after marriage. A P.G holder in Communication, Ann helps Aambal come into the limelight with all the needed awareness, shout out and communication in the social and media realm.

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