5 Must-try things  in Fort Kochi 

After two long years of social distancing and isolation from covid-19, Kochi is gearing up for the Kochi Muziris biennale 2022. The anticipation and wait are on the rise as the dates are closing in for the opening of the Aspinwall house, where the major art attractions are curated. Kochi is famous for a lot of things and the Kochi biennale is one such wonder, that art lovers around the world along with the people of Kochi wait for. 

Kochi Muziris biennale 2022 is happening at Fort Kochi, a charming little seaside heritage town in Ernakulam which was once invaded by the Dutch, Portuguese, and British alike. Fort Kochi hence is a mixed community with people from various colonies, religions, and communities living together in unison. The invaders have left behind priceless architecture, streets, monuments, edifices, and buildings which are indeed a treat to the eye. 

Tourists from all over the world flock to visit this little heritage town where a lot of history is attached and to explore the vivacious and unique structures. Here is a list of some things that you must try when in Fort Kochi:

 1. Food:

Being close to the coastline, you can savor some scrumptious seafood pleasing the local palette which is spicy as well as the other category who prefer a not-so-spicy palette. You can enjoy artsy and cute cafes, restaurants, and boutique hotels serving all types of cuisine, English, Italian, Contemporary, Indian, and more; you can also devour street food adhering to the local taste. Don’t forget to try the famous biriyani! We also have cafes that serve only vegan food and indulge in anything and everything because the food in FortKochi will surely leave you wanting for more.

2. Shopping: 

If you are a shopping fanatic, then FortKochi will surely be quite a place to explore. Streets that extend at lengths with shops on opposite sides where you can buy antiques, art, knick-knacks, local produce, home interiors, bags, books, shoes, decor, jewellery, spices, curios, you name it. You can also buy ethnic and Indian clothing and also shop for organic cotton clothing and western outfits from Aambal eco-clothing store. Ranging from mural prints, block prints, and elephant prints, FortKochi has an array of street fashion, contemporary fashion and western fashion pleasing both men and women alike. 

3. Stay:

There are quite a few options available for you to plan a cozy and comfy stay in Kochi. From boutique hotels, five-star hotels, resorts, hostels, Fort Beach Service Apartments, bungalows, and homestays Kochi has it all. While most of the hotels and bungalows have preserved the old architecture and charm through the ages, others offer a pleasing view of the sea, and streets, with swimming pools and restaurants to make your stay picture-perfect and memorable. During your stay, don’t forget to take some beautiful pictures to remember down memory lane.

4. Architecture & History: 

The architecture and the history associated with each of the monuments and structures will leave you spellbound. You can find minor details and remnants that the Portugues, Dutch, Jewish, and British have left behind in all their construction and architecture, especially in churches, palaces, bridges, bungalows, homes, streets, buildings, shops, etc. Most of them have been preserved in the best of form, so as to not lose their original charm and beauty. You can find history in FortKochi through its architecture and streets.

5. Vibe:

You know what the people say, “ Kochi is not a city, it is a feeling” this saying stands true when you are in FortKochi. The ambiance, the people, and the entire experience you receive in FortKochi will leave to awestruck for it is simply a different vibe altogether. Away from the din and bustle of the city, enjoying the solitude of the beach, counting waves, a stroll through the quaint streets imbibing the beauty of the architecture, pondering over art visiting art galleries, wild grown vegetation, fully grown trees that are ages old and could tell stories if they had the chance, roads and paths covered with tiny leaves and flowers, discovering new places in a tuk-tuk, the cute little artsy cafes, mingling with the locals, savoring on scrumptious delicacies which may be totally new to your palette and having the most relaxing stay enjoying the view of the beach, taking a dip in the swimming pool, making lunch plans by the sea, morning stroll in the beach, feeding the pigeons, discovering new paths and many more. The possibilities are endless and the memories made will last for a lifetime. Once you visit Fort Kochi, you will make a promise to come back every year. 

Now you know what to expect in FortKochi, so make haste and visit this gorgeous little heritage town in Kerala. Tourism in Kerala is never complete without a visit to Fort Kochi.

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